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Corona Virus
A series of write ups on the virus

Changes in mortality.


The overall mortality figure of the virus appears to be dropping.  This is because now, the large majority of the cases are found in people under 45.  (This is also alarming as many people in this age group will exhibit noy symptoms, so the actual cases are probably consdeerably higher).

People under 40 are less likely to die from the virus, and as they are stronger, if they can hang on for longer, but still die more than 4 weeks after being diagnosed they will not be registered as a covid death under current statistical methods

Why the hell does the government have to get involved in deciding how someone they have never met has died?  Surely the doctor's verdict as to whether Covid was a direct or indirect cause will be far more accurate. Or maybe the government are trying to minimise the numbers to cover up their own ineptitude.


The overall age related stats are shown here.
Covid deaths and cases by age
It is clear that the virus has been more prevalent in younger people. Those over 65 have  accounted for around 30% of the cases but about 90% of the deaths.

Currently there is a surge in infections and many are pointing the finger at the younger people.  Is this justified?

Here we see the total cases using the same data as above but with the data for the last 7 days superimposed.
Covid cases by age
The percentage of infections in the over 65s has dropped to 8% while the under 45s is over 70%

It appears that the younger folk (under 45) are now the major carriers of the disease




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