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Final BM fixes


Left hand Carb leaking

  1. Check float chamber - breather tube bent- could be restricting float movement. Straighten it - put back -  carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo.

  2. Remove float, weigh it.  Should be 12.5gm weighs 14gm.  Swap floats with other carb.
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo

  3. Remove float valve - maybe slight shoulder on it??  Swap with valve from other side
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo

  4. Remove fuel pipes - blast carb cleaner into fuel inlet. Find small black bit in float chamber. That must be it. Put together.
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo.

  5. How did that black bit get through the filter?? Old hose used between filter and carb. Replace with new hose.
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo.

  6. Measure volume of petrol on float chamber following Snowbums instructions. A little high - adjust by bending float tab
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb leaks. Boo.

  7. Take of carb for close inspection. Find float chamber gasket is broken. Probably broke in 1. above. When bike is on centre stand fuel level is below gasket. So always OK when reassembled.
    When bike is pointing down hill, as in driving into garage petrol is above gasket. and leaks onto my boot. (Carbs are slightly downdraft). This means that the petrol cannot get
    Carb fine. Hurray.
    Take it for a run, carb fine. Hurray

  8. Right hand carb now leaking. Boo.
    Suspect broken gasket due to multiple removals of float chamber. ORDER MWB new gasket but off on holiday for three weeks - something to look forward to on return
  9. Fitted new gasket to right had carb - old one looked OK. 
    Carb fine. Hurray
    Left hand carb leaking again - this bike has a cruel sense of humour!
    Removed float chamber - rattled float up and down, replaced chamber.
    Carb fine.  Hmm
    Is muck getting through the inline filter??
    Ordered the "strainer for inside tank but can't fit it while tank is full.

  10. Filter openedSo I went for a ride of around 100 miles and the carb leaked intermittently all the time.
    When I got back I took the float chamber off and there was muck in there.
    Now I expect muck to come from the tank as it has a dodgy tap with no "straws" so it is draining through the bottom, but I would have expected the filter to stop this.
    After 100 miles, the tank was empty enough to put in my new tap (with straws) and strainer and I also replaced the in line filter.
    Out of curiosity I took a saw to the old one to see if my suspicions were right.

    Inside the filterYep, the filter is made of a paper element which is held against the plastic bottom of the filter by a metal cap in turn held by the top of the filter.  So the bottom "seal" is the edge of corrugated paper pushed against plastic!
    I looked inside the paper (the carb side) and there were a few black bits there showing that, indeed, the filter was letting muck through. USELESS

    So another ride with a new tap and filter is in order.



Vibration felt in the handlebars is probably caused by unbalanced carbs, not surprising after the above epic.  So, check fuel level on RH carb then balance carbs.
Probably best to sort cable runs out first .
Cable runs sorted  - carbs balanced - vibration now acceptable


Fix seat lock - plan is to just keep ignition key on ring with watch and keep other keys in one of the tool boxes. - Done

Fit anti theft alarm from Bullet


Fit new fuel tap - current one doesn't work on reserve.

Check heat sink compound on ignition unit.
Done - I was surprised to find that the heat sink and the ignition unit did not fit well together as neither was completely flat. I used a file on both to reduce the air gap then used copper ease as a heat sink compound. Should be OK!


 Devise phone mount (bullet one won't fit) Exhaust clamp, steel bar, existing phone mount
Won't work - bar is always at same angle to handlebar - needs to be twisted.
THIS ONE from Amazon looks ok.
Done - it works well.

Fit heated handlebar grips from Bullet
Done - needed to file ridges of BMW twist grip.


Improve headlight - get brighter bulb

Fit driving lights from Bullet

Fit LED bulbs where possible Indicators, parking light, instruments, maybe tail light.
Generator bulb - powers the field coils of the alternator - maybe needs resistor in parallel. 
The bike has a 240W generator a 60W headlight, a 50W handlebar heaters and maybe 12W in the ignition and even with the indicators on and the stoplight there is still enough power. Maybe change the easy ones purely for longevity.  Or maybe just buy spare set of bulbs.- could fit extra stop lights to panniers.

Future - winter project?

Respray - Colour?? - look at web colours. - silver looks better - maybe darker metallic grey?

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