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Some miscellaneous pics of some details I have added to the bike.


The clock! 
Works for me.
Royal Enfield Bullet Satnav
The satnav (an old smartphone without a simcard running Google Maps) sits in a little magnetically attached pouch on the tank - with a safety cord.
The black number at the bottom right is a GPS speedo app
Royal Enfiled Bullet Sat Vav
Under the phone there is room for a 8000mAH battery pack so the phone can go without charging for days.
But with reflections from the plastic top, it is not easy to read the phone in bright sunlight.
Royal Enfield Bullet Kickstart
The standard kick start gets in the way of
my leg.  This one folds neatly away.
Royal Enfiled Bullet Exhaust Heatshield
Tired of burning my leg as the bike leans over
when putting it on the prop stand (especially
when riding wearing shorts and flip flops),
I added a heatshield at the critical place.
Royal Enfield Bullet luggage Rack
I needed to fit my old Givi box so I needed
the rack.
Royal Enfiled Bullet with topbox
Here is the bike with the top box added.
The box can hold two helmets or a weeks
Royal Enfield Bullet top boc connector
I added a connector so I could get some power
into the top box but still be able to get it off quickly.
Royal Enfiles Bullet - high stop light
I had some led lighting strip left over so
I fitted it in the top box lid.
Royal Enfiled Bullet - heated grips
I fitted some heated grips so that I could extend
my riding season.
Royal Enfiled Bullet - heater controller
I put the controller for the heated grips on the
Royal Enfield Bullet driving lights
I fitted some LED driving lights to increase
Royal Enfield Bullet - front lights
The front driving lights and bright LED angel eyes
and a bright LED pilot light.  The yellow colour
of the headlight come from the yellow globe over
the headlight bulb.
Royal Enfiled Bullet speedo
The new MPH speedo showing the very bright
LED Neutral Light and indicator light.
The discharge showing on the ammeter
is with driving lights, and side lights all on.
Bullet - points save
The points saver (electronic ignition) unit in situ.
Points saver with tool roll
Thr points saver tucks neatly behind the tool
roll and there is still some space left.
The Bullet
The Bullet October 2019

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