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Mech it better have some really good videos on the suzuki address and other bikes.  Here are some below which I have embedded to make them easier to find for the future.

Oil Change


Changing the rear brake shoes

Front brake pads

Sidelight bulbs

Headlight Bulb

Brake Lever

Brake light

Front Panel

Heated Grips

Phone Mount


Date Miles Action
15 August 2020 0 Purchased
16 August 2020 45 Fitted top box bracket
17 August 2020 105 Engine Oil and Filter change Filled up tank.
20 August
150 Fitted alarm, and charger socket.
Battery retaining bracket  a pig to refit as the central fixed nut is not welded centrally. 3/10 for quality
24 August  2020 206 Filled up Tregonnigs:- 126 mpg.
Half a tank is used at the half full mark
70 miles down, 70 to go.
45 miles left as needle enters the first red.zone
2 September 2020 305 Changed headlight from 35/35W to 55/60W. Screw under headlight a brute to remove as grossly over tightened for a cross head screw. 3/10 for quality.
Screwdriver supplied with the kit broke during the operation. 2.10 for quality,
Fitted a clock using double sided tape on the RH handlebar cover.
Reached 65mph on the clock on a very brief slightly downhill run on full throttle.
4 September
306 Filled up:- 122 mpg.
9  September 375 Fitted phone holder with USB supply.
  406 Filled up Tesco:- 122 mpg
20 September 502 Filled up Tesco:- 3.46l 127 mpg
10 October 550 Not ridden much due to aquiring new puppy!
Fitted Handlebar Muffs previously fitted on the BMW, Bullet, and Himalayan. Need to book in dealer 600 mile service.

Suzuki articles


Running in

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Top Speed

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