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Two wheelers

I got my very first bicycle when I was about 10. It was avery heavy 18" Raleigh Roadster with Rod Brakes and no gears.
I got my second bicyle when I was 13.  It was a 20" Raleigh Gran Sport it with 10 gears. It got stolen when I was 18.
I bought my third bike from a friend when I was 20.  It is a Jack Taylor tourer with five gears.
52 years later I still have it and still ride it.
I don't change my machines very often.

Motor cycles, Scooters
My first bike was given to me by a friend. It was a 98cc Excelsior with two gears. It was horribly unreliable.
My next was a Lambretta LD 150cc which was my very first reliable motorised transport. I loved it.
Then followed
a 500 Triumph T100, (horrible)
a Lambretta GT200, (OK)
a Triumph T110 (great),
a  Norton Dominator 88 (OK),
a 650 Triton (made from the previous two bikes - wonderful)
 a  500 AJS OK,
a Honda CB450, (OK)
a 750 Norton Commando, (horrible)
a Kawasaki KLR600, (horrible)
a Honda H100 (wonderful)
a BMW R65LS (which I still have - wonderful),
and  a Honda Deauville (OK)

I was off bikes for around 10 years  then I decided to renovate my BMW.  As I had not ridden for quite a while I bought a 500cc  Royal Enfield Bullet sixty-five, to ease me back into bikes. I really liked the Bullet
I traded the Bullet in for a a Royal Enfield Himalayan. and now a Suzuki Address 110.

The Address is as much a revelation as my first Lambretta.  It is ideal for the roads where I live and the little 113cc 9hp engine is  enough to keep up with traffic on the roads in Cornwall - at least solo.  Two up it is a little slow on the hills.  It is so light and easily manhandled.  It is a cheap but well made scooter.

My next bike
I am enjoying the Address so much and I was considering another scooter.
The Address's kerb weight is 97Kg and it feels  very light. The BMW's is 207Kg and it feels heavy, particularly manhandling it out of the garage.
A Vespa 300GTS weighs 158Kg., My 500cc Bullet was only 10kg heavier. A GTS 250 is 146Kg.

The Address has really spoiled it for me for other scooters.  With a wonderful light weight and an adequate power of 9bhp, it is difficult to find another scooter in this bracket. The Vespa 125GTS has 15bhp but weight is 146kg. It looks like to get any appreciable increase in power I have to add at least 50% onto the weight.

A couple of days ago I mistakenly rode the Address down a very narrow Cornish lane. It must have only been about 6 feet wide and it was a fairly steep incline.  A three (ok, maybe five) point turn was very easy.  It would have been really hard on the BMW and pretty difficult on the Bullet (but the low seat height would have helped a bit).

I once parked my Honda Deauville on the prop stand with the front tyre up against a 6-9 inch high kerb on a street with a very pronounced camber. I could not drive forward as the keb was too high, I could not back the bike up while sitting on as I did not have the leverage. I had to drag the bike weighing around 250Kg back by the handlebars. It was really difficult involving yanking it an inch at a time and holding it on the brake.  If I had slipped the bike would have fallen to the left on top of me.

(Reminds me of the guy who drove his Isetta bubble car right up the the back wall of his garage. The Isetta's only door is the front of the car and  it has no reverse gear!!)

I think the Address is as close to my current ideal bike as I'm going to get.

  1. Lightweight:- 90 -120Kg  - Suzuki is 97Kg
  2. Reasonable power:- Suzuki has 9bhp - could be better but I keep up with the Cornish traffic
  3. Scooter shape - Yep
  4. 150 - 200 miles on full tank - Suzuki will do about 140miles full to empty. If I carried another two litres I could do over 200 miles
  5. Easy and infrequent services - Suzuki is easy and 2500 miles
  6. Super reliable - All the reviews on the Suzuki say so
  7. Comfortable 2 up - Suzuki is OK for short distances

Nowadays I only ride around Cornwall.  Cornwall has no motorways. Most of the A and B roads are twisty turny and 50mph is about the maximum safe speed possible. I usually, but not always,ride solo.
We have a motorhome, the Address would fit on it if I had a carrier fitted.  But we also have a puppy.  It will be about a year before we could leave her while we went out for a few hours. Maybe I'll fit a carrier for next summer (Covid permitting)
The days of long distance touring on two wheels are past, but there are still days for pootling.


I tend to look at the scooter section on the adv rider forum. Most of the posts feature Vespa's or, recently, Honda Super Cubs. But it appears that the Address is not imported into the USA and most of the contributers are American.  The nearest is Honda's Lead which is very similar to the Address. The Honda has smaller wheels, a bigger tank, and is 23Kg heavier. But it looks similar and has similar performance.

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