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Two Wheelers

I got my very first bicycle when I was about 11. It was a very heavy 18" Raleigh Roadster with Rod Brakes and no gears.
I got my second bicyle when I was 14.  It was a 21" Raleigh Gran Sport it with 10 gears. It got stolen when I was 18.
I bought my third bike from a friend when I was 20.  It is a Jack Taylor tourer with five gears.
53 years later I still have it and still ride it.
I don't change my machines very often.

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My first bike was given to me by a friend. It was a 98cc Excelsior with two gears. It was horribly unreliable.
My next was a Lambretta LD 150cc which was my very first reliable motorised transport. I loved it.
Then followed : -

I was off bikes for around 10 years  then I decided to renovate my BMW.  As I had not ridden for quite a while I bought a 500cc  Royal Enfield Bullet sixty-five, to ease me back into bikes. I really liked the Bullet
I traded the Bullet in for a a Royal Enfield Himalayan. and now a Suzuki Address 110.

The Address is as much a revelation as my first Lambretta.  It is ideal for the roads where I live and the little 113cc 9hp engine is  enough to keep up with traffic on the roads in Cornwall - at least solo.  It reaches 60mph two up on the flat and it slows a little  on the hills.  It is so light and easily manhandled.  It is a cheap but well made scooter.

So currently I have my Jack Taylor Bike - made in 1964, my 1986 BMW R65LS, and my 2020 Suzuki Address.

What next??

Update - a 2018 Honda SH300!
BMW Engine


The Bullet

The Himalayan

The Address

The SH300


Top Speed

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