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A very short intro here.

This is a home for various articles I write.

I said it was short.


Motorhome - Parking a Motorhome
The UK in general and England in particular seem to have a problem with motorhomes.  The general feeling is that we should all be on campsites....

Two Wheelers - Farewell Honda SH300
The Honda SH300 tends to just sit in the garage while the Suzuki Address 110 is the goto machine. Why?
Well, it's not the Honda, it's me....

Coronavirus - Mortality
I measure the mortality of the pandemic as the ratio of deaths to new cases 18 days earlier.  Why 18 days? This seems to give the most consistent graphs.
Before September 2020....

Electronics - Backups
This is the way I currently make sure my data is secure.
I am recording it here, partly as it may be of some interest to others, and partly so I can remember how I do it....

Videos - Youtube
This is the almost universal way of showing videos on line so I decided to go with it....

Articles - Fining Corporations (aka pieces of paper)
In 2017 a worker lost a thumb and fingers in an industrial accident. Almost four years later (May 2021) the company was fined for breaching Health and Safety regulations.....


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