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A very short intro here.

This is a home for various articles I write.

I said it was short.


Motorhome - Fitting a scooter rack
We have a scooter.  It's a Suzuki Address 110 and weighs 100Kg so should be OK for fitting on a rack on the van. But first some calculations are needed to ensure the van is operated safely...

Two Wheelers - The Honda SH300 - Second ride
Due to a combination of lockdown travel restrictions, wind, rain, cold, and personal circumstances, today was the first time I have managed a decent ride (around 80 miles)...

Coronavirus - Green Countries
The UK government has declared a number of countries which as "green", which means that people coming from them do not have to isolate for 14 days.. ...

Electronics - Backups
This is the way I currently make sure my data is secure.
I am recording it here, partly as it may be of some interest to others, and partly so I can remember how I do it....

Videos - Youtube
This is the almost universal way of showing videos on line so I decided to go with it....

Articles - Politics
I used to write quite a bit about politics, but I have really given up. Why?
1.  Boris Johnson seems to be well ahead in the polls and the Tory party are riding high....


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